Bruce Hardwood Floors

Bruce is the leader in style in laminate flooring. By residing on top for the best interior trends, our knowledgeable designers know everything about laminate floors, and they know which types of trends to translate into the innovative floors that you wish to bring into your home.

Moreover, there are key differences between hardwood and laminate flooring. You can choose from our selection of industry-leading products to fulfill your requirements, whether that’s durability and sleekness or rustic and texturized. Refinishing your existing hardwood flooring is an option for some homeowners, and Pittsburgh Flooring has quality professionals determined to give your hardwood a new life. Our exclusive range of hardwood and laminate flooring products from Bruce Refinishing laminate flooring is about to involve the stain and other sealer such as clear polyurethane. So, if you are trying to sand away at the laminate flooring, you would certainly sand in the melamine.

We offer 453 Hardwood products including:

  • Cherry – Copper Kettle
  • Cherry – Sangria
  • Hickory – Antique Natural
  • Hickory – Sunset Sand
  • Maple – Chesapeake


These products are available in different color options like white, beige, yellow, tan, orange, copper, red, red-brown, brown, dark brown, grey and black.

Styles of Bruce Hardwood:

  1. Hand-Scraped
  2. Rustics
  3. American Exotics
  4. Traditional Hardwood

There are 56 Laminate products available including:

  • Skip Planed/Skip Sand – Blackened Brown/Distressed Brown
  • Skip Planed/Skip Sand – Blackened Natural/Distressed Natural
  • Woodland Reclaim/Textured Timbers – Old Original Dark/Old Character
  • Woodland Reclaim/Textured Timbers – Old Original/Warm Character, and many more…

Features of Bruce Laminate

  1. Realistic Designs
  2. Stain Protection
  3. Easy Installation
  4. Strength and Stability

Our products are unmatched because our installation procedure make boards flatter and straighter, which perfectly fit all together and only with some gaps between the boards per your request and design inspiration. Our thigh technology production ensures stain colors are consistent during each and every cycle.

So get your office or house beautifully designed with our best hardwood and laminate flooring from Bruce! Call today for more information!