Caring for Carpets

The importance of a good vacuum shouldn’t be overlooked when it comes to home carpet care. Why is vacuuming so important? It removes dirt and other particles from the fibers of your carpet which, over time, can cause to stains and carpet damage. At any time your carpet is host to a number of dirt and dust particles. Without frequent vacuuming, these dirt particles are allowed to settle into the carpet as you and your family walk over them. Once dirt and other debris has been pressed into your carpet, it’s difficult to remove them with vacuuming of any kind. At that point a heavy duty carpet cleaning solution is needed to remove stains and marks.

How often should you vacuum? The answer depends on how much foot traffic your home receives. For the areas that family members and guests are constantly trekking over, a daily or every other day carpet routine is recommended. For the more lightly traversed areas, vacuuming weekly should keep dirt from making its way deep into the fibers of your carpet. Change the direction you vacuum in regularly to reach dirt that is difficult to find. How frequently you vacuum is also dependent on the type of carpet you have, so be sure to know about your manufacturer and research what they recommend for cleaning their products. Higher profile carpets tend to catch more dirt than lower profile carpets, especially those that feature shag or twist styles.

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The type of vacuum you invest in is also an important consideration for carpet health and life. Though the cheapest model may remove the dirt and stains you can see, only a higher quality vacuum can suck up the hidden particles in your carpet. Look for a model certified by the Carpet & Rug Institute to make sure your carpet conforms to the highest industry standard for carpet care.
Rotating brush carpets are also well suited to low profile carpets where they can mechanically loosen dirt without a risk of being caught. Higher profile shag, twist and frieze carpets, on the other hand, can become damaged by a rotating brush leading to snags that damage the texture of your carpet. For these models a powerful suction-only vacuum is the best option.

Pittsburgh Flooring is here for all your carpet cleaning needs. To schedule a professional cleaning, call us today! We have professional cleaning crews and can also advise you on the best methods for caring for your new carpet!