Flooring Installation Services

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Other than offering flooring materials and carpets of highest quality we also offer flooring installation and replacement services. We can proudly call ourselves the most trustworthy and esteemed flooring installation service provider in the Greater Pittsburgh area.

One question that many of our customers ask is: can we install flooring without any professional help? On most occasions our answer remains “yes”. However, if you want to know what you should do for ensuring maximum durability of the flooring and proper installation we would always tell you to get it installed by a professional. This is because only an installation expert knows the right techniques of fitting flooring and can overcome issues that may arise when installing the flooring with their technical knowledge.

When we began our journey as a flooring and carpeting company, one of our primary goals was to become the one-stop solution for every individual looking to install new carpets or flooring in their home or office. This has forced us to offer installation services. Once you contact us for purchasing flooring materials or carpets, you can rest assured about the fact that the remaining part of the job—installation—will also be completed impeccably by us. If required, we will also remove the old carpet or flooring in your home before installing fresh ones. Like our products, our services also score impressively when it comes to their quality and efficiency. We never compromise with the quality of installation services provided by us; everything starting from our installation experts to the equipment used will be first rate when it comes to Pittsburgh Flooring. The pointers below will offer you more information about our installation services:


  • The installers representing our company possess special training and certification for installing any product offered by us proficiently


  • We never appoint anyone without collecting enough evidence of his/her ability of working as a flooring installer and we only hire certified installers which includes becoming certified passing a written exam as well as a tough hands-on test


  • Whenever a new product is launched by our company, our installers need to attend special classes to get trained for installing those new items efficiently which allows them to complete all installation jobs with equal precision and at great speed


  • Our installers never begin their work without holding a consultation session with our clients, allowing them to comprehend the exact needs of every client and complete the job according to their liking