Laminate Flooring

Laminated Floor


Laminate flooring, in spite of being much cheaper than most other flooring options available on the market, is extremely durable. If you get this flooring type installed by a professional, you will not need to replace it with a new set for years to come. The laminate sheets used by Pittsburgh Flooring are of highest quality; there are few other flooring service providers operating in the east who offer such high quality laminate flooring coverings at competitive prices form industry-leading manufacturers. Read on to know more about the laminate flooring offered by us.

The laminate floor coverings we offer never fade even after incessant exposure to sunlight because we only provide our customers with high-quality materials. In addition, they’re resistant to scratches, stains and impacts. Our laminate flooring coverings offer so many benefits mainly because of the melamine plastic wear layer they have as their top surface. The layer beneath, on the other hand, is a sturdy core-board known for its ability of withstanding pressure of up to 1,200lbs/sq. inch.

Du to its easy installation nature, laminate flooring can be installed DIY style. However, if you’re unsure about where to start when purchasing products or would prefer to have a professional take care of all of your laminate flooring installation needs, Pittsburgh Flooring is your #1 laminate flooring installer.

Laminate Flooring Products


Next, we’ll be telling you about the kinds of laminate flooring products we offer. Our collection includes laminate flooring products that meet the requirements of different categories our customers ask for. We sell laminate flooring coverings as squares, tiles or planks, each of which come equipped with interlocking tongue-n-groove assembly. We also have products constructed following different methods at our store; here, you will get glued, pre-glued and glue-less laminate flooring.

The next question coming to your mind must be related to the color and pattern options we offer. You will be thrilled to know that we offer laminate flooring in almost every shade and stain you can think of. Additionally, these floor coverings are available in different patterns; there are even patterns that resemble the appearance of natural materials such as marble, hardwood, tiles and so on.

Do you have questions regarding Pittsburgh Flooring’s laminate products and services? Call today to schedule your free estimate and speak to a professional about adding laminate to your home!