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Carpet installation

Are you looking to enhance the interiors of your home by laying new carpets in all of the rooms? Are you finding it difficult to decide which carpet will work best in which room? If yes, then you’ve found a footing installation company that prides itself for employing knowledgeable carpet professionals. At Pittsburgh Flooring, we not only offer high quality flooring materials and impeccable flooring installation services, but also provide our customers with carpets of highest quality and equally impressive carpet installation services. Our collections include all the types of carpet products existing on the market today from trusted manufacturers. Read on to know about the different types of carpets we offer and discover useful tips for selecting the right kind of carpet for the right room in your home

As mentioned in the section above, we have a collection that includes carpets of different styles and types. This often makes the job of picking the right carpet extremely confusing for our customers because it can be hard to pinpoint the design and style that fits your current interior decor as well as your inspiration style. The carpets we have cannot only be categorized based on their pattern or color, but they are also categorized according to the process of their construction. Thus before buying a new carpet, you should not only consider whether it will match the interiors of your rooms well, but also take into account such factors like whether they’re easy to maintain, the level of traffic they will be able to handle and etc. The section below will educate you about some of the major carpet varieties we have in our collection.

Our Carpet Collection

Level loop: These carpets consist of simple loop piles and tufts of similar height. They are great options for high-traffic zones of your house, for instance, kids’ rooms, family rooms, kitchens, stairs and hallways.

Multilevel loop: These are carpets that come with loop piles along with tufts of different levels. These two components together form sculptured surfaces. One of the most widely used types of multilevel loop is Berbers containing the combination of synthetic yarn and wool. You can install it in any busy room as it fares well against high food traffic. As a result of having a sculpted surface, these carpets look great in offices. The flecked style they possess allows them to hide dirt.

Saxony plush: The best way of describing these carpets would be as carpets with level-cut, dense piles of 1.5 inches or less. The yarn tufts of these carpets remain closely packed. Saxony plush is a great carpeting option in formal settings; you can lay them in your dining room, living room as well as bedroom.

Random shear: The other name used for this type is tip shear. These carpets feature both uncut and cut loops, which give them a perfect textured look. Random shears can be both informal and formal. You should never lay this type of carpet in your kitchen.

Cut loop: Like the random shears, the cut loops also come with both uncut and cut loops, however, instead of having the loops at the same level they have them at different heights. Sculptured appearance of these carpets make them ideal options for informal living or dining rooms.

Textured plush: These are carpets known for boasting level-cut piles of heights above 1.5 inches. The yarn tufts of textured plush carpets are not as compact as the Saxony plush carpets. You can lay this carpet type in any informal area apart from the kitchen. Also, never lay it on stairs; this is because your heel might get caught in its long yarn and cause accident.

Frieze: Many also refer to this carpet type as trackless or twist carpets. Frieze carpets feature twisted or curled tufts and possess textures that can mask footprints. These qualities of the carpet make it ideal for any informal area experiencing a lot of foot-falls; for instance, kids’ rooms, stairs, hallways etc.