Alloc Original Laminate Flooring

Alloc Original laminate flooring is getting increasingly famous thanks to its look as well as its durability. Heavy duty allocconstruction as well as ease of installation make Alloc a wise choice for every home and business. You’ve probably seen Alloc products on different home improvement shows or have ever considered replacing the matted carpet with Alloc laminate flooring. We at Pittsburgh Flooring offer the original laminate flooring from a trusted manufacturer that’s been in the laminate since it’s inception, because they were the innovators that brought laminate flooring to the flooring market!

People prefer the Alloc Original laminate flooring because of their stylish and stunning appearance. And this type of laminate flooring is available in different colors and designs like:

•   Japanese Cherry

•   Castle Oak

•   Brown Oak 2-Strip

•   Antique Oak

•   Heritage Cherry


Original laminate is the surface for flooring that has a myriad of different benefits. Its ability to mimic popular—yet pricey—flooring materials. For example, some laminate flooring can be designed to appear similar to hardwood flooring, and recently few other laminate flooring products are designed to appear like that of stone and tile, complete with the presence of grout! Laminate is well designed to imitate the most desirable of flooring materials, from wood species like maple and tile material like slate.

Alloc is very simple to clean:

•   You can clean it with a damp cloth mop

•   Mop over concerned area until the spots disappear

•   For immovable areas you can directly spray the cleaner (manufacturer recommended cleaner)

•   Always try to clean the spots immediately

Laminate flooring is a smart, beneficial choice because:

•   It is high pressure laminate flooring

•   Easily available

•   Simple to use and install

•   Immediate use after installation

•   Durable

So, if you want to give a stylish and exclusive appearance to the floor of your house and office and at the same time you are seeking durability and long-lasting flooring, installing Alloc Original laminate flooring from Pittsburgh Flooring is the perfect choice for you!

Do you have any questions about Alloc products and Pittsburgh Flooring services? Call today to speak to a professional about installing Alloc products into your home today!