Bruce Hardwood Floors

Bruce Hardwood is the leader in style and design of laminate flooring. By establishing themselves as an industry-leading manufacturer giving customers the best products following the most current interior trends, our expert installers can give you a floor that will make you proud and inspire you to take a creative approach when finishing the interior design of your new space.

Additionally, there is key difference between hardwood flooring and laminate flooring. You can choose your dream flooring from tons of different high-quality products Bruce Hardwood has to offer. Bruce Hardwood product collection features an exclusive range of hardwood and laminate flooring, including laminate flooring products designed with a specific stain and other sealers such as clear polyurethane to prove a lasting, durable finish.

There are 453 Hardwood products are available and some of them are:

  • Cherry – copper kettle
  • Cherry – Sangria
  • Hickory – Antique natural
  • Hickory – Sunset Sand
  • Maple – Chesapeake


These products are available in different color options like white, beige, yellow, tan, orange, copper, red, red-brown, brown, dark-brown, grey and black.

The Styles of Bruce Hardwood:

ü  Hand-Scraped

ü  Rustics

ü  American Exotics

ü  Traditional Hardwood

There are 56 Laminate products available including:

  • Skip Planed/Skip Sand – Blackened Brown/Distressed Brown
  • Skip Planed/Skip Sand – Blackened Natural/Distressed Natural
  • Woodland Reclaim/Textured Timbers – Old Original Dark/Old Character
  • Woodland Reclaim/Textured Timbers – Old Original/Warm Character, and many more…

Features of Bruce Laminate

ü  Realistic Designs

ü  Stain Protection

ü  Easy Installation

ü  Strength and Stability

Bruce Hardwood products’ design includes milling procedures that make flatter, straighter boards, which perfectly fit together with the appropriate gaps between the boards ensuring the durability and providing a lasting life for your new flooring. The thigh technology production ensures stain colors are consistent during each and every cycle.

Do you have any questions regarding Bruce Hardwood’s products and Pittsburgh Flooring’s services? Call today to speak to a professional about your new flooring!