Tile is a diverse flooring product that can be used both for creative purposes as well as a mechanism to unleash your inner design dreams. Tile, coming in many different natural materials, can be used for both flooring, and for decorative wall embellishments. Marazzi is one of the finest manufacturers of beautiful tile, and their inventories contain tiles comprised of ceramic, stone, travertine and porcelain, amounts many more natural choices.

Marazzi has a huge collection, which includes:

•   SistemN20 (Porcelain stoneware)

•   Treverkchic (Creative mood, hand-crafted)

•   Blend (Antique concrete)

•   Block (Block collection, inspired by resin)

•   Colourline (Decorative and rich in color)

•   Treverkhome (Nature, tactile and wood effect)

•   Multiquartz20 (Extra thick stoneware)

•   Treverkmood (Reused and recycle material)

There are various materials, sizes, shapes and colors of Marazzi products that Pittsburgh Flooring offers, and the process of choosing what product is best for you can be challenging. Pittsburgh Flooring has professionals that expert in everything tile, so throughout your selection and installation project we will be here to make sure you’re up to speed on everything. There are many different variables that exist when working on installing new flooring, so having a professional at hand to ensure that the type of tile you select, the color, size and nature of durability is exactly what you want out of your new tile flooring.

We pride ourselves on providing the ultimate in customer satisfaction and we can find the best product at the best price for your new tile flooring.

Decide On:

   Color

   Setting

   Size

   Technology

   Features

   Functionality

Pittsburgh Flooring only offers the very best products, and Marazzi tiles are an industry-leading manufacturer that produces stunning, and lasting, tile products for your flooring installation. Tile flooring is a smart choice for multiple different reasons—like its water-resistance and easy maintenance—and we at Pittsburgh Flooring pride ourselves on your complete satisfaction.

Do you have any questions regarding Marazzi tile products and Pittsburgh Flooring services? Call today to speak to a professional that can guide you to picking the perfect Marazzi tile product!