Client Testimonials & Reviews

I have little knowledge of interior decorations; so, when my wife told me to keep our new house ready before she arrives from the business trip I was sure that I would mess up everything. I started to search for service providers operating in the Pittsburgh area who can do the job on my behalf. Among all the services I hired, the one that impressed me most (and of course later my wife) is the flooring installation service offered by Pittsburgh flooring. I didn’t know that working with flooring installers is so easy. I came to know about this company from a close friend of mine who had himself hired their services for replacing the old flooring of this home with new ones. I contacted Pittsburgh Flooring, by filling out a form on their Contact Us page. They came back to me with detailed answers to all my flooring related queries within 24 hours. Next, I visited the store to pick flooring materials for my abode. The experts present there helped me to pick the flooring materials that suit my requirements in the best possible manner. It took me a little over 30 minutes to make the selection. That’s it; the very next day installers came to my new home and installed the materials purchased by me. I didn’t have to do any work other than choosing the flooring materials and still the floor of my new house was ready before my wife came back from the tour.

            Donald Carter


  The flooring of almost every room of my house started to wear. Wearing of these flooring started all most 3 years back; however, I never thought of doing anything with them as they were not causing any problem for me or any of my family members. I was forced to change my decision last week when my little kid Jim cut his finger severely after his toe hit a broken end of the flooring of his room. The first thing I did after offering him adequate medications and treatment is contacting Pittsburgh Flooring. It is the same company that did the flooring installation job at my dad’s place. So, from the very beginning I expected them to offer some really comprehensive service. However, what they came up with was beyond my expectations. They not only helped me in selecting the right flooring materials and installing them, but also removed the old flooring with great care.   

                                   Karen Lewis


What surprised me most about Pittsburgh Flooring is the huge collection of flooring materials they have. In addition they also offer a wide variety of carpets. When my sister told me to visit Pittsburg Flooring as they have countless variation both of carpets and flooring I didn’t believe her words. I thought she was just exaggerating the facts to justify her choice. However, each of her words turned out to be true. When I came across the collection of flooring and carpets at Pittsburg Flooring; the first expression that came to my mind is: “they have everything”. One problem that arises when someone is given the job of selecting between too many options is confusion about what will suit his needs the best; the same thing happened to me. Here also, the company turned out to be a savior; there were experts who asked me about my needs, likes and dislikes and offered suggestions regarding the kind of flooring that will meet my requirements perfect.

                     Anthony Young


My wife and I decided to renovate our basement. I had heard about perfect flooring through a coworker of mine, who said they did a job for him and his neighbor and they were very satisfied with the outcome. I decided to give them a call. The woman I spoke with was very polite and pleasant to speak with she set my appointment for the following day. Low and behold the flooring consultant was there on time full of energy like no other. He educated me and my wife on different types of floor and what would be best in our basement based on a variety of factors. When the installer came I was very impressed with his level of knowledge and skill, just listening to him talk boosted my confidence and trust in him as my installer. The job is now done and my wife and I cannot be any more happier with it than what we are. I would highly recommend them as a company to any one. Another plus was is they provided the lowest estimate compared to the others I received, as guaranteed, but without cutting corners. They were as professional as can be.  

                 Larry Jones 


Pittsburgh Flooring has been doing jobs for me for a couple of years, they are my go to guys when I need anything done in my house. They always have the lowest prices with the same great work ethic and outcomes as other if not better, I have never been let down. I recently sold my home and bought a new one. Due to all the great work Pittsburgh Flooring has done to my old home the price value of my home increased significantly. I have been so satisfied with them through out the years I have recommended them to everyone I know and they have also been quite satisfied as customers themselves. I have also contracted with them to remodel my new home. They work done is so beautiful I just love my home the beautiful Brazilian Cherry wood they have installed magnifies the brilliance of my home and I just love it. The best in Pittsburgh.

      Darlene Diagotti