The Best Carpet for Kids and Pets

Children are a blessing in life, and pets are an undeniable source of companionship. They make your house feel like a home and your family complete. Unfortunately, they can be hard on your carpet and floor, whether it be accidents, spills or scratches. Wear and tear is an inevitable part of life, but choosing the right carpet can help reduce the occurrence of it and increase the durability of your floors for many years to come. Check out and consider some of the carpet suggestions when deciding what works best for a home with animals, kids, or both.

1. Nylon. Carpets made of nylon are some of the most resilient and durable. The strong, sturdy fibers make it extremely stain resistant and easy to clean. With the proper care and treatment, it can withstand anywhere between 10-15 years of use.

2. Polyester. A tried and true choice, polyester, or also known as P.E.T., feels extremely soft, perfect for those tumbles your little one can have when they first start to move. It has stain-resistant qualities but is not as easy to clean. When it comes to wear and tear, it works better in low-traffic areas but still is a very safe choice for children.

3. Triexta. This is a newer fabric, only being developed in the last few years. When it comes to permanent stains, such as pet accidents, Triexta repels them and does not let them set. Another benefit of this carpet is it has no need to be treated over the years, unlike other materials. Since it is has not been around as long, though, its durability for the long-term is not as definite.

Your children and your pets are an important part of your life and will be in it for a very long time. Make the same choice with your carpets so as to avoid ugly stains, injuries, and excessive replacements. To properly make the right decision about what works best for you and your family’s needs, be sure to contact the professionals at Pittsburgh Flooring at (412) 347-4343. Love your carpet as much as you love those who walk on it.